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This code applies to all users and players on the website. Serious violations may result in being blocked from the site.

1. Information

1.1 The basics of the Triviador game
Triviador is a strategy quiz game for 3 players. All are expected to behave in a civilized manner, and to adhere to the rules of fair play, anywhere on the site. If you have any type of question, first read the game description and the FAQ. You will find a lot of technical – and other – information there.

1.2. User
You are considered a registered user (player) if you accepted the SNS Apps. You are considered a user if you engage in any kind of data transfer in any direction with, or take part in trial games.

1.3. Operators
The site is operated by THX Games Ltd., which does everything it can to assure its smooth function. The company is not liable for technical interruptions and program errors. We reserve the right to change the EULA.

2. Registration, deleting

2.1. Registration
If you’d like to registrate to Triviador, you have to accept the SNS Apps.

2.2. Deleting
To delete your username, clik on the "Home/Privacy settings/Apps and websites", and here you can remove the applications. If you remove Triviadors, your results, golds, everything you bought (for example helps, adventures) will be deleted. (If you come back later, you have to start everything from scratch.
(If you're playing on the website, you can find deleting in the settings menu.)

3. The game

The primary purpose of the online game is to allow players to play against one another, whether for stakes (points) or without them, in a private room. To create a good atmosphere for play, it is crucial that players follow the basic rules of etiquette during the game (greetings, farewells, avoiding vulgarity).

3.1 Competition Rooms
The following are considered cheating, and will be sanctioned according to the frequency and seriousness of the cases in question:
  • If two players consistently and with premeditation conspire against a third
  • If a player plays against his/her own nick(s)
  • If a player uses help programs, charts, or notes during a game
  • If a player passes off points to another

Important! Everyone must use only ONE nick in the competition rooms. We ask players who have more than one nick NOT to use their re-nicks in competition. Any player of whom it is found that more than one nick appears on the ranklists will be deleted from the site. This of course does not mean that everyone is delighted that you have more than one nick – but we want to establish rules that are easy to respect. We realize this is the Internet, and we consider you enough of an adult to admit it is not a nice thing to occupy spots in the rankings with more than one nick.

3.2. Separate rooms
There are separate rooms provided for no-stakes games and chats. Results in the separate rooms are not taken into account for the calculation of XP. Games played here also have no effect on the games-played rankings.

4. Chat

The lobby is there to let players chat between games or seek out opponents for games in separate rooms. We determine the nature and extent of the ban by considering the seriousness of the offence. Inappropriate behavior includes:
  • Insulting or vulgar expressions
  • Offending or insulting other players
  • Inciting others to break the rules – or the law
  • Discussing political, religious, or ethnic issues
  • Seeking out sex partners, or inviting others to sex chats
  • Incomprehensible chat, meaningless strings of letters, text images or repeated text (flood)
  • Writing in caps (which is considered screaming generally in chat rooms, and is very distracting in any case)
  • Chatting in foreign languages (since most of those present do not speak the language, this is considered impolite)
  • Advertising or promotion of one’s own homepage
  • Rooting for sports teams

Important: The EULA is not an exhaustive list.

5. Fan Page

On the fan page you can find rules, FAQ, and you can ask us, if you need help. Please always write your comments in english, because it’s an international site, and this game’s language is english.

We may delete a comment without explanation or forewarning if we feel that it:
  • Your comment is not in english
  • Contains vulgar language
  • Is insulting to others
  • Incites conflict
  • Contains racist or inciting remarks
  • Is used for the discussion of political or religious debate (both of which are personal issues – and this is a game site)
  • Violates the law
  • Contains advertisements or other announcements
  • Is a repost of a previously-deleted comment
  • Is a flood (intentional or unintentional multiple posting, or incomprehensible text)

  • Important: Any posting of private letters or chats, or conversations on MSN or Skype, without the permission of the poster and his/her conversation partners is not allowed!

    6. Other rules

    Those violating the regulations listed below – independent of frequency or seriousness – will be sanctioned by temporary or permanent filtering, point deduction, banning or exclusion from the site:
    6.1 System-level violations or hacking the server
    6.2 Hacking or stealing a nick
    6.3 Causing technical or content-related damage
    Technical damage is any kind of interference that defaces the esthetic appearance of a topic, or prevents its smooth operation.
    Content-related damage consists of:
    • Cheating or interfering with the normal play of other participants
    • Inciting others to cheat, or advertising “techniques” that make cheating possible
    • Obvious and intentional aggressive or off-topic comments that impede civilized and flowing conversation, or the use of obscene expressions
    • Endangering the tranquility of the forum and its community, and degradation of community life
    • Texts that violate normally accepted social norms or degrade the values of nature, history, science, and culture, or any text that may insult normal world views or religious convictions, or that contain political aggression
    • Any comments that contain discrimination against peoples, nationalities, ethnic groups, sexes, or age groups, even in veiled form